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Lyrics to a song, plus rare tidbits, remixes, interviews etc every Monday

My first album (only 500 copies made) put out through my label Raucous Records (of course!) in 1996. With photos by the amazing Hannah Pearl and graphic design by Alex Clarke and featuring the incredible musical talents of Clancy Rocca Robinson, Reuben Barkley and special guests as mentioned in comments later.

Now starting with song one I Go Off let's get to know the songs of Ah Naid a little better. Lyrics to a song, plus rare tidbits, remixes, interviews etc every Monday for your #musicalmonday #lyrics #musicvideos

1. I Go Off 'A hundred thousand fireflies light up before me And if I turn my head on to the side they become my ceiling and The floor is slippery, but I'm not scared Because I dance with my guitar when my feet are bare And the lights are so bright and so unreal And my fingers are bleeding but I can't feel them If you think that I'm quiet you don't read my eyes Because I've got a lot to say and most of the time

(Chorus:) I go off - and if you don't believe that I'll go off - right here, right now I go off - and if you don't believe that I go off - you're not listening very hard

It's hot and smoky a lot of the time And I bus it or thumb it and I plane or drive Sometimes there's roses and sometimes there's coins But, well I never really notice for the sound of my voice

On the back of a motorbike and it's raining hard And I'm strapped to a man on one side and to my guitar I have to fight the bouncer when I get to my destination Because he doesn't recognise me from my promotion So I say 'hey, is that my problem You should really get it together man. I've got a room full of people Waiting for me again.'

My imagination is a party and I invite you And I'm a good hostess so I won't bite you I really like it here It's such a thrill And I think fireflies are really cool.'

This is the track listing :) I will share lyrics and other tidbits about each song, 1 per week

Please add your own comments and memories about each song

as they come along each week..

1 I Go Off 2 If You Insist 5 Make It Begin 4 See Through 7 R U OK? 8 Get Yourself Lost 11 K 9 3 Fill Me Up 9 Leaving The Country 12 Robot 6 Wrapped Around My Head 10 Flowers 13 Shlork Ya Shlong 14 secret song #1 15 secret song #2

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